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The Highway Safety Manual, 1st Edition was published by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in 2010 and contains a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies that have been used by many organizations to analyze the safety impacts of roadway decisions, and in doing so, significantly reduce fatal and serious injury crashes. In 2015, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) initiated Project 17-71: Proposed AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, Second Edition to incorporate new research findings into the HSM and improve its overall usability, accessibility and technical content. The second edition is expected to be completed and submitted to AASHTO in 2019.

An important element of this project is the involvement of the community of current HSM users, and their assistance in identifying how best to revise the current HSM. This website was created to provide a single location for that input as well as a place to share information relevant to the project. In January through March 2016, the a HSM-user survey was broadly distributed to gather input on how the HSM, 1st Edition is being used and desired improvements to enable the HSM, 2nd Edition to be applied more broadly in the transportation profession. The research team has evaluated and summarized that input; pending Panel review and approval, that summary will be shared through this website. Additional similar information will be share through this website as the project continues forward.

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Panel members and registered users please use the fields below to sign into the website to access additional information. For those interested in staying informed about the project, please use the following link to become a registered user. Registered users will have the opportunity to view updates and information regarding the on-going project. Create a new account. If you enounter any issues or are a project team member and require access to the draft materials please email Andrew Butsick, Thank you.


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